82-05 | LS Swap Kit for Chevy S10/Blazer 4WD

824 Motorsports.

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Product Overview

Full Swap Kit 

This swap kit is for 1982-2005 S-10 4-wheel drive pickup and Blazer. It was designed around our GM LH8 oil pan. Unlike most LS swap parts on the market this kit replaces the frame brackets in addition to the mounts so you'll have clean mounting of your engine and not a mix of parts that are weak and don't work together properly. The frame brackets bolts into existing holes in the frame and and locates the engine to give you the most options for front accessories drives. Unlike others, our kit positions the engine so there is no steering interference and maintains the proper drive-line angle for smooth highway cruising. It provides clearance for the factory AC box, power brake booster, and aftermarket suspension components.  We offer a complete line of headers that give unparalleled performance and ground clearance with sizes that are matched to your engine combo. These combined parts offer an easy, strong, and clean installation of your LS engine. Please note that a 2" Body lift is required for installation.

Includes the Following:

LH8 Oil Pan and Ceramic Coated Manifolds (not pictured)

The oil pan our kit was designed around. Comes standard or machined for the oil bypass valve for use with displacement on demand or variable valve timing. Includes new full length windage tray, pickup tube, hardware, gasket, dipstick, and our pickup tube girdle.






Warranty Information

Must use a 2” body lift kit with this conversion kit. Must use 1988+ 4.3L V6 700R4 or other transmission that is compatible with the transfer case. With a Gen 1 style transmission you will also need to use the GM Performance Parts Crankshaft Spacer (#12563532) Must use high mount accessories, cannot use the low mount a/c and alternator. If you are using the two-piece rear driveshaft you will need to make a 1.375” thick spacer for the carrier bearing. Our LH8 Oil Pan kit must be used with this conversion kit.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review