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  • Heart-pounding, visceral-enhancing, electric-driven, high-performance technologies are a reality--Blue Oval electrification delivers Ford Performance Parts Eluminator Mach-E electric crate motors.

Expected to be the first of their kind to be engineered, developed, and offered by an original equipment manufacturer, these electric dynamos weigh in at a svelte 205 lbs., deliver 281 hp, 317 lb.-ft. of torque, and generate a maximum speed of 13,800 rpm. The Eluminator crate engine packages include a high-voltage motor-to-traction invertor harness, low-voltage harness connector, and vent tube assembly.

Electric crate motors for your restomod or project vehicle--Ford Performance Eluminators are sure to change your driving experience. Drive Motor Type: Electric
Peak Output Power: 281HP
Peak Torque Rating: 317 ft-lb
Length (in.): 22.400 in.
Length (mm): 570mm
Encoder Included: No
Gearbox Included:No
Integrated Parking Pawl: No

    Mach-E Eluminator Electric Motor

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