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Product Overview

Aren't you tired of the average accessory drive you see on every LS Swap? Now you can have symmetry, and all necessary items for your swap, while making it clean, concise, and matching your needs of your engine bay. Whether you need truck/2010+ Camaro spacing [LONG], 98-02 F-Body/GTO Spacing [Middle] or Corvette/CTS-V [Short] we have you covered!

Included are accessories and pulleys that are manufactured by OEM part suppliers for durability and direct bolt-on installation. Order the kit that's best suited for your vehicle and engine application from the drop downs. You can also upgrade your Harmonic Balancer if needed as well!


These LS brackets fit virtually all common LS engines, regardless of water pump and harmonic balancer offsets--thus reducing cost and complexity compared with competitive products.
Simple, dedicated installation kits allow easy fitment to Corvette, F-Body, or truck drive offsets. Included - just select from the drop down.
Accessories, tensioner, and pulleys are manufactured by OEM suppliers and many of the parts are used on production vehicles today.

  • 130A 1-Wire Alternator
  • Sanden 508 Compressor
  • Type II Power Steering Pump (Hydroboost Friendly)
  • Pulleys
  • Tensioners
  • Natural Finish Stock - Optional Finishes Available (See Dropdown)
  • Drive Belt included

If you want to upgrade your Harmonic Balancer, please shop here.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review